Restorative Yoga

In these shifting times, it’s even more important to seek balance….To quiet the mind, allow the body to soften.

Letting go . Coming back to neutral.

 Restorative YogaEvery Tuesday 6:00pm

Tuesdays 6:00 ~ 7:10 pm $10 to attend, includes equipment-walk-ins welcome!
Passes available on-line for $70 for 8 classes

 I invite you: RESTORATIVE YOGA   : Candlelit room, essential oils, sandbags to ground. Soft music, inspirational readings and guided imagery or stillness. Silence except the beating of your open heart and receptive listening.  In this special class you will experience a release, a surrender.  Feel the strength in that faith, that trust and the complete surrender .

 Things are moving fast….time to slow down and breath through it.


Deep exploration in a meditative state. Restorative Yoga helps relieve anxiety, depression, insomnia and calms the mind. It is the perfect class for those in the midst of illness, recovering from illness or surgery, in that it restores energy levels rather than depleting them. 

Helps to balance the nervous system, calm the mind and a great beginner class to introduce breathing techniques and deep relaxation. It restores the central nervous system and helps heal overworked, stressed adrenals.

Restorative yoga benefits everyone at all stages of life.  It promotes peace within and is a balm for heart healing.

 Admission Fee includes ~ all equipment ~ bolsters, eye pillows, neck pillows, straps, sandbags included.


Dress in comfortable clothes and eat two hours before or only a light meal before class. Leave “Kinder and gentlier than when you arrived” See you then!