Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings at the Yoga Room Healing Arts



Christine has been reading the tarot for almost 20 years. In her childhood during an illness, she fell into a coma for over a month, not expected to live.  During that time, she remembers being with the angels and was told she had to come back. Ever since, she was given the gift of prophecy and uses her intuition to help others with spiritual guidance. Sessions are $45 for an hour and are by appointment only through the Yoga Room.   Call 843-450-9402  to set an appointment.

 Sandra Sanchez ~Tarot Card, Intuitive, Sound Healer  Reiki Master Teacher offering all three levels of Reiki Training at the Yoga Room. Contact her for dates!

Sandra is a Usui Shiki Reiki Master Therapist and Teacher. She is also a Grandmother of the Stones, and has trained in the Martial Arts and Qi Gong Energy Raising. She has been taught, licensed and certified under many Master Teachers throughout her lifetime, and gives thanks to them all for their teachings. Blessed Be! Sandra does her work for each unique individual’s needs, as directed by The Divine, and is a Seer and Conduit. Her deepest wish and desire is to do her healing work, for all those who seek, in the Name of the Universal Life Force! All Those, who feel a Calling and Knowing of something more, in this lifetime, to ascend and achieve the ultimate of their Higher Self in this realm, as they will in their own concept.

Sandra is a spiritual adviser, ordained minister, counselor, an empathic intuitive reader, and healer of many different modalities and levels for balancing, release, clearing and direction. She releases physical and emotional pain and suffering caused by “dis-ease,” from the past, present and future, and offers physical and emotional Sound Therapy and clearing using the Sacred Tibetan Singing Bowls. She works “Laying of Hands,” pendulums, and crystals. Sandra also custom designs “Metaphysical Healing Crystal Necklace and Earring Sets,” using only the purest gemstones and intent, for whatever calls to you. Also available are Attunements of all levels of Usui Shiki Reiki, Karuna Reiki,  The Angelic Realms and “The Violet Flame,” which is The Divine Mother of Compassion & Unconditional Love. Contact Sandra at 843-503-5797 or email   just call for appt.