Pam Munday

I started my Yoga Journey 7 years ago teaching Group Fitness as a certified AAFA instructor. At the time, I taught high-paced classes like swimming, spinning, kickboxing, ABS, stability ball and toning.  I started TAKING yoga classes only because I was told it would help my knee pain from hours of cycling. I left that ONE class amazed! How could you work so hard pushing your muscles to the limit and leave with a calm, relaxed, proud perspective of yourself? That is because Yoga not only works the body but it also works the mind, allowing you to get rid of the “can’t” and “won’t” that you keep telling yourself.  I started teaching Yoga a year later (even moving the furniture in my living rom for CCU students to come to my house to practice). Spinning and Yoga became my favorite classes to teach (they are very similar in regards to letting the mind go and trusting your body to do the work).

At a tough turning point in my life, I stopped teaching. It hurt my heart too much.  Life kept happening and stress kept building. Fifty pounds and nine months later (on my birthday) I decided that I needed to do something for myself and came back into the arms (literally) of Yoga with Angel Grant.  I had tears streaming down my face and pooling into my ears during savasana and I knew I was back where I belonged! My body was not on the same level anymore but my heart was open and that’s where my journey back on the mat began.  I am honored now, as a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher (2012) to be the catalyst for positive change in others.

My teaching style I have heard described as Fun, Chill and Welcoming….that doesn’t mean I won’t kick your booty!  I encourage laughter, questions and smiling faces. You can have a serious practice and still spread love and encouragement to those around you.

My wish to you all is that you may seek the truth, speak the truth and know the truth! hUgs–Pam MundyPam Mundy